In the purest tradition, in an original style—be it trendy or out-of-the-ordinary—on hot sand or by the sea, there are 1001 ways to celebrate an event.

Yet preparing such an event can be time-consuming and fastidious...

Don’t let stress and a multitude of details take the shine off your magical moment.

come see us at ness bethel.

Step into a world where elegance, originality, and refinement are our watchwords. Whatever your desires may be—releasing doves, covering the floor with rose petals, or an endless lace train—let your imagination run wild.

We are here to listen to you and create a wedding that reflects who you are.

ness bethel is no ordinary agency

Constantly striving for innovation in terms of shape, volume, materials, and fragrance, our creativity and unique style make us one of the must-see "dream makers". We are truly thrilled to be opening our first space... To step into ness bethel is to dive into a world of warmth and conviviality where—before we dive into planning, organisation, and coordination—

We can chat over a cup of coffee, a glass of champagne, or a glass of fruit juice, depending on the time of day...